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Electronic temperature recorder

Label: G-913

The G-913 temperature recorder is dedicated to cooperate with GECO cooling thermostats or to independent work with two connected temperature sensors. Type of work depends on the manufacturers settings.

The G-913 is equipped with built-in memory, which allows to record measured temperatures. USB interface allows to read recorded temperatures.

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Parameters programmer

Label: G914

The purpose of programmer G914 is copying the parameters from configured controller to the other controllers of the same type, that have not been configured yet.

The device is cooperating only with definite cooling thermostats of GECO company. Work condition of the device signalizes two-color diode.

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Signal Converter

Label: G915

G-915 Signal Converter is designed to cooperate with G-204-P09 Electronic Cooling Thermostat / Pressure Control of the Condenser.

When plugged in the 230V AC power supply circuit of energized equipment, each time the device is activated the pins C1-C1 (C2-C2) are shorted.

G-915 has been prepared to handle two independent sets: G-204-P09 controller - device powered by 230V AC.

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