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Heating controller for boilers with air blow

Label: GH08NA

The GH08NA is a controller for central heating boilers with air blow.

 The GH08NA supervises the process of preparing hot utility water (HUW cycle), and allows to operate main heating circuit (central heating - CH cycle). Possible communication with standard room panel.


The GH08N has specially designed casing making it possible to install the controller in many different positions on the boiler.

Front panel covered with more durable plexiglas. Operation panel by touch sensors.

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Multifunctional controller to manage CH boilers for solid fuels

Label: GH23-01

The GH23-01 controller is multifunctional controller designed for control CH boilers for solid fuels of various types of construction and combustion technology. The adaptation algorithm allows for ecological and fuel-efficient combustion any solid fuel in the form of biomass, wood and coal.

Model GH23-01 supports two independent heating circuits (CH1, CH2) and control the process of heating domestic hot water (HUW).
The ignition and combustion process during automatic mode is regulated through a set of various types of sensors, include chimney and flame sensor. The controller manage operation of four pumps, valve and a magazine feeder.   

The product has been adapted for wireless communication with the room panel GA05HB enabling comfortable control of the installation.

Front panel covered with more durable plexiglas. Operation panel by touch sensors.

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