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GECO supports heating devices manufacturers. Central heating boilers producers are the biggest group of Customers. Our controllers are used for different kind of boilers. Most of them are solid fuel boilers, like: coal, carbon, pellets, biomass, wood, wooden and other fuels. We also provide solutions for solar panels and heating pumps manufacturers. The offer includes controllers, automation systems, thermostats, sensors and fans. Flexibility, individual solutions and designs these are main feaures of together cooperation.


For refrigeration industry and cooling devices producers we design and manufacture: controllers, thermostats, automatic systems. Range of acivity refers to various refrigeration devices (cabinets, cold rooms, counters, cryogenic rooms, and others). The biggest part refers to production of 2 and 5 outputs controllers, but we also manufacture multi-output devices for advanced solutions. GECO devices control and manage temperature in many buildings and using many conditions simultaneously. We also provide systems for HACAP temperature control and registration.

Air Condition and Ventilation

This branch of our activity is rapidly expanding at the moment. We have controllers for the ventilation central unit with recuperator, for electrical air heater and many other new solutions. Our construction office resently designed advance solutions that are introduced to the market.

Industrial Automatics

Company GECO presents solution to control processes in the industry. The main direction refers to automation for injection moulding machines and drying installations. We also have designs that are used for other, individual systems prepared for certain Customers.

Vending Machines

For Companies dealing with installation and distribution of vending machines we have prepared main types of devices: mechanical and electronic, standard and compact. This machines are used for automatic sale of: toys, sanitary products, condoms, gadgets, newspapers, tickets and other products.


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