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Digital room control panel for heating boilers

Label: GA01HA

The GA01HA room control panel is a device which have been fitted for full communication with GECO heating controllers.

The GA01HA room control panel after connection with controller allows to control boiler operation comfortably from user's apartment.

Room control panel enables not only preview of temperatures of heating cycles and preview operation devices status but also gives user opportunity of direct control. The panel is offering a weather adjustment mode (based on heating curves). It enables to control boiler operation in mode of time zones.

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Centrifugal fan for boilers.

Label: WP-11D

Centrifugal fan is applicable for boilers to work in inlet air system.

WP-11D is centrifugal fan witch cooperating with GECO control system, assures automatic and smooth regulation of the air inlet to the boiler combustion chamber depending on need.

This device is applicable in boilers which fuel is wood or different kind of coal. In case of boiler which fine coal is basic fuel this device is essential.

WP-11D centrifugal fan can be provide with flap which while the fan is out of action, it protect boiler prior to uncontrolled burn up, by decollating of inflow of air.

Centrifugal fan can be also provide with plastic cover which can regulate a fan airflow capacity by inflow air limitation before working impeller.

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