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Responsibility for used equipment

Pursuant to the Waste Management Act of December 14, 2012 (Official Journal 2018, item 21, as amended) and having regard to the provisions of the Act of September 11, 2015 on waste electrical and electronic equipment (Journal of Laws 2018, item 21 as amended), the current registration number of the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection of the company P.P.U.H. GECO Sp. z o. o. (E000217W) was replaced by the registration number BDO 000010967 assigned by the Marshal of the Małopolskie Voivodeship.

Pursuant to the signed agreement, the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recovery Organization Biosystem Elektrorecykling S.A. took over all the obligations incumbent on the company introducing the equipment (P.P.U.H. GECO Sp. z o.o.) and resulting from the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act.

Information for customers

(regarding the marking and collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment)

The symbol of the crossed-out bin placed on the product or on its packaging indicates the selective collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment. This means that the product should not be disposed of with other household waste.

Appropriate removal of old and waste electrical and electronic equipment will prevent potentially harmful effects to the environment and human health.

The obligation of selective equipment collection rests on the user who should deliver the equipment to a collection point.

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