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Cholerzyn 376, 32-060 Liszki
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At GECO, we believe in the ability to continuously improve the equipment and processes around us. While working with our clients, we implement innovations that have a real impact on improving the standards and convenience of using products. Thanks to 30 years of experience in the industry and a team of specialists, we provide substantive support to newly emerging projects, enabling their implementation in reality. If you are interested in our activities and you are thinking about entering into cooperation with us, we invite you to familiarise yourself with the project path.

Design path
Contact info

Before starting cooperation, we like to meet our new customers. Below is a place to leave your contact information. We would also appreciate a brief presentation of your idea. The completed information will be sent directly to our Product Development and Commercial Cooperation Department. Based on the received description, we will assign a manager who will be responsible for running your project.

    Requirements form

    To ensure transparent terms of cooperation, we have introduced a customer agreement form. The information contained in it will help us prepare for the first interview and will allow us to introduce the project as an “Idea” in our ERP system. To complete the form, you will need, among other things, a general description of the idea, technical prerequisites, the expected performance of the algorithm and the expected quantities in the order.

    The form is available for download below, we encourage you to complete it and send it to the following address:, including the name of the project in the title of the message.


    We invite our customers to a meeting at the GECO headquarters located in Cholerzyn near Krakow. In our modern and well-equipped conference room, we talk to entrepreneurs interested in cooperation about the project’s details and expectations. We discuss the previously completed form and provide substantive support. At this stage of cooperation, we will introduce you to the company’s general way of operation and the team responsible for the implementation of your idea.


    The prototyping stage is a very important part of the process in which ideas are turned into reality. We design our electronics in such a way as to future-proof the platform for later modifications. Therefore, it is very important to complete the MustBe, GoodToBe, ScienceFiction table, which defines the requirements for the base version and possible ideas for implementation in the future. When selecting components, we pay special attention to their quality and availability. The goal of this stage is to provide you with automation that can be implemented and tested. The process ends when all fixes are made and the customer confirms the production version.

    Production and development

    We start the production process by updating the predetermined delivery schedule. After receiving the order, we proceed to the production of the controller. We are flexible during cooperation, so subsequent changes in operation are not a problem for us. We are focused on a long-term business relationship.

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