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Currently, users of automation, whether domestic or in complex production, are increasingly paying attention to monitoring the parameters of

their devices. In the era of the Internet of Things, remote monitoring has become a standard. For some applications, process control requirements are imposed by certification and standardization bodies. Our range includes modules that allow you to remotely view parameters and control outputs. In addition, it is possible to expand the systems with expansion modules. For clients who mainly base their solutions on open communication protocols, we offer the use of our access gates and support for the required functionality via a web application. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the full GECO offer and visit the “Your idea” tab

Universal monitoring and control module

The controller is designed for alarm, communication and control functions. The device can be freely programmed through the customer’s browser configurator or at the production level. The driver can be operated via the server, but it is not required for proper operation. Taking care of the user’s convenience, we have introduced the possibility of remote system update. An important advantage of the controller is the ability to activate/deactivate outputs via SMS. Currently, data transfer is carried out in the MODBUS RTU and MODBUS TCP/IP standards.

In addition, the controller can be extended with extension modules:

G543 – 10 x PT1000 or NTC inputs,

G520 – 8 x “freecontact” NO/COM/NC outputs,

or custom designed on customer request.


  • Various power supply options: 230VAC, 12VDC and 24VDC
  • The function of triggering alarms with SMS and e-mail notification
  • Controller operation via server or via WiFi
  • Parameter monitoring via connected sensor
  • Direct connection of low voltage devices
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Single-module design
  • Support for WiFi, LAN and optionally GSM
  • Wide range of measurement input types (PWM, PT1000, ADC, NTC)
  • Digital and relay outputs
Communication module

The communication module allows you to collect data from the GECO controllers connected to it. Communication is carried out using an internal protocol based on the RS-485 physical layer. The line supported by the driver module can contain up to 50 different GECO devices. The collected data is converted and in the form of an open protocol, sent via LAN or WiFi to the client’s receiver.


  • Power supply: microUSB 5V (power supply only) or 12VDC via RS485
  • WiFi: Yes
  • LAN: Yes
  • GSM: Optional as extension module for “floor”
  • G913 recorder: Possibility to connect as SLAVE via RS485
  • RS485: Yes – 1x Master or Slave

The G-913 temperature recorder is dedicated to cooperate with GECO cooling thermostats or to independent work with connected temperature sensors. Type of work depends on the manufacturer’s settings.

The G-913 is equipped with built-in memory, which allows to record measured temperatures. USB interface allows to read recorded temperatures.


  • 230V network power supply of the executive module (transformer built in)
  • Two temperature sensors working under safe 5V voltage
  • Possibility to connect NTC or PT1000 temperature sensors
  • Built-in memory for recording of measured temperatures
  • USB interface allows to read recorded temperatures
  • Cooperation with GECO thermostats
  • Memory for 13100 readings
  • Archived data is readable only by special GECO software
  • Indication of operating status with LED
  • Signalising (with LED) temperature sensor damage
What can we do for you?

In addition to standard production, we also cooperate with our customers in the area of extensive automation. Through our knowledge and experience, we substantively support newly emerging investments and start-ups.

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