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A specialised device requires precise, reliable and failure-free automatic control. We approach each new project with commitment. Numerous testing stages our solutions undergo guarantee their subsequent reliable operation. The catalogue below contains controllers implemented by us to manage the work of selected specialist devices from the medical industry, as well as those dedicated to various branches of the manufacturing industry, services or used in laboratories.

The field in which a given specialist device works can be varied and unusual. Our comprehensive experience makes us willing to take on new challenges and we guarantee a comprehensive approach to the project.


The G-508-P00 it is a controller used for cash desk engine with photocell.

Executive module is prepared for installation on the TS-35 DIN rail. The control panel can be installed on the case of the device, in desired position, and connected with the main module using tape.

Below mentioned devices can be connected to the controller: desk engine, light, emergency switch, foot- lever, photovoltaic emitter and receiver. Second engine connection is an option.


  • Front panel covered with plexiglas, resistant to external factors and more durable
  • Modern and functional operation panel by touch sensors
  • Case practical design
  • Simple and clear method of programming and maintenance
  • Two module construction, (executive module + control panel)
  • Possibility to directly connect devices operating under 230V
  • Softstart – feature of engine start
  • Softstop – feature of engine stop
  • Sound signal for the alarm
  • Provides storage of all controller settings while loss of power supply
What can we do for you?

In addition to standard production, we also cooperate with our customers in the area of extensive automation. Through our knowledge and experience, we substantively support newly emerging investments and start-ups.

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