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Engineer in the factory
Electronic Engineers

Electronic engineers in our company play an important role in the design, production and maintenance of electronic devices and systems.

They design electronic circuits, creating diagrams, designing printed circuit boards (PCBs) and selecting components. They write dedicated software for microcontrollers, microprocessors and FPGA systems that control the operation of electronic devices and interactions with other systems. They work closely with other specialists to create integrated solutions. They work to reduce electromagnetic noise and signal interference, which is crucial for the efficiency and reliability of systems. They design electronic systems for optimal energy management, minimizing consumption and improving energy efficiency. They ensure the maintenance and modernization of existing electronic devices to adapt them to new requirements. They create accurate documentation of designs, diagrams, tests and changes, making systems easier to understand and maintain.

In short, electronics engineers in our company are highly qualified specialists whose task is to create advanced electronic solutions that guarantee not only the functionality, but also the reliability and efficiency of our products.

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