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ISO 9001

The high quality of our products has been achieved by implementing modern surface mounting technologies, selecting proven components, and applying a detailed product testing process at each stage of production. The company’s production and management policy, which has continued for many years, has been confirmed by quality certificates. In 2001, the Quality Management System ISO 9001 was introduced and is still in use. Our motto is:

"Production without errors, Products without reclamations."
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Management systems

The company P.P.U.H. GECO Sp. z o. o. has put in place and continued to develop a project entitled: Preparation for implementation and actual implementation of a computer system for company management. Thanks to the wide possibilities of the ERP class system, we have control over all existing processes in the company. In addition, our internal PanelByGeco website was developed using the SugarCRM platform, which allows for extended project preview and planning. Our team of programmers, in consultation with other departments of the company and software suppliers, constantly improves the existing management systems. This allows you to adjust activities to the dynamic market situation and prevents the occurrence of anomalies in the production company.

Product inspection

Each GECO product undergoes quality control before being brought to market, regardless of whether it is the simplest thermostat or a complex automation system. Our products are checked at various stages of production, starting from computerised production instructions for employees, through optical robots verifying the correctness of the elements and ending with final tests using proprietary solutions. Engineers from the Implementation Department develop and perform testing robots, which, in addition to checking the correct operation, also simulate real working conditions for the controller, taking into account the environment in which our client’s final product operates.

kontrola jakosci
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