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Are you the owner of solar panels and are you looking for a temperature stabilisation system? Our solutions work both with simple solar systems and with a combination of several different energy sources. Regardless of the complexity of the installation, our controllers will allow the user to achieve the required level of comfort. In order to meet customer inquiries, we also have universal monitoring systems that can be used in each of our product groups.

When it comes to solar controllers, in addition to our own products, we also provide dedicated solutions for global producers of renewable energy systems. Our support consists in providing drivers equipped with touch screens of various sizes as well as web and mobile applications. For those interested in cooperation, we have prepared more information in the “Your idea” tab.


The GH20SB controller is a device designed to control water heating hydraulic systems by using solar panels as the main source of installation heat.

The GECO solar collector controller GH20SB integrates perfectly with additional external devices, like: coal boiler, fireplace, electrical heater or gas boiler in even very expanded installations.

The controller contains a database with manyvarious solar panel configurations to select, from which are managed by using pumps or 3-way valves. All available solar panel configurations in the controller integrate with the most varied designs of heating system installations.

The Controller is modern in its design and very easy to use as it is equipped with a user panel with a transparent keyboard and an LCD graphic display.


  • The GH20SA controller contains a database with 17 of the most popular
    configurations, including the East-West solar heating variant.
  • Audio and visual warning appears in case of system alarm.
  • Possibility adjustment of display backlight intensity and time out.
  • Manual cooling function.
  • In case of power failure the controller keeps user-defined settings unchanged
    after restart.
  • Volume control for system alarm and keyboard.
  • Ability to integrate with devices which use 230V power supplies like: 3-way
    valves, circuit pumps, collector pumps and back-up electrical heaters.
  • Controller contains manual control function, where each device can be
    separately activated and deactivated. Current status of device operation is
    always displayed in the system scheme during manual and automatic work.
  • Collector pump rotation speed adjustment.
  • The Controller has an inbuilt module for recording average power collected and
    the energy generated by the panels. The Controller enables recording and
    readout of power and energy statistics for user-defined intervals.
  • Mounted real time clock with independent power source.
  • Possibility pioritise heating in expanded installations.
  • Panel overheating prevention function to protect panel against damage.
  • Holiday function – for economic use while away.
  • Anti-Legionella function for protection from legionella bacterium.
  • Cold weather protection to prevent freezing during winter.
  • Enables panel type selection, between flat plate / tube.

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The GH19SA controller is a device that purposive to control heat water hydraulic system by using solar collectors.

The GECO solar collector controller is applicable to integrated systems with additional external devices (for example: gas boiler or storage tank electrical heater) in even very complex installations with many pumps and three-way valves.

The GH19SA controller contain two modules: control panel and executive module. The control panel can be instaled in the most functional location.


  • Controll panel with sizeable LCD display guarantee Users remarkable functionalability and allows easy operation over controller.
  • n case of power failure occurs, controller keeps the parameter settings unchanged after re-use by users.
  • Sound and corresponding warning appears in case of System Alarm.
  • Ability to controll additional hydraulic system variants for second solar collector.
  • The module is interconnectable through many-ply RS 485 cable standard.
  • The GH19SA controller allows automatic cooperation with 13 different most popular hydraulic system variants (Programs).
  • The GECO controller is equipped with two PT 1000 sensor inputs , three NTC10k sensor inputs and five electromagnetic relay and triac (SCR relay) outputs.
  • Can cooperate with solar circuit pupm, three-way valve, hot water circuit pump and back-up electrial heater.
  • Excellent animation function of all running external devices presented on LCD display are very helpful during hydraulic system control.
  • The controller contain automatic temperature compensation sensor responsible for errors elimination emarged due to use of the very long wire betwen sensors and modules.

The G-403-P10 is designed to control pumps operation. It stabilizes the temperature in the
solar collectors systems.

Additionally the controller supports integrated systems with one additional device like: utility hot water tank, gas, oil or solid fuel boiler, stove, floor or wall heating systems etc.

Two-pieces construction allows flexible installation especially when aesthetical presentation in the apartment matters.


  • Modern visualization of casing.
  • Simple and user-friendly method of programming and service.
  • Two-pieces construction (executive module + keyboard)
  • Two-pieces construction (executive module + keyboard)
    Possibility for direct connection of the equipment working under 230V voltage
    such as:
    a) Solar collectors main pump
    b) Additional device pump
    c) Three-way valve
  • Sound signal for the alarm.
  • Provides storage of all controller settings while lost of network power.
  • Possibility for connection of the second solar collector
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In addition to standard production, we also cooperate with our customers in the area of extensive automation. Through our knowledge and experience, we substantively support newly emerging investments and start-ups.

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